Microblading Review From Sassy Hong Kong!

Written by Team Sassy for Sassy Hong Kong

We sent a member of Team Sassy to try it out and this was the verdict: “I had a wonderful experience and walked out feeling like my face looked a lot more symmetrical. The skin around your eyebrows appears slightly red and swollen immediately afterwards, but quickly subsides within 24 hours to reveal perfect brows. The initial pigment fades and “flakes” off during the first week as part of the recovery process. But rest assured your eyebrows will darken again, revealing the permanent, desired shade and shape after two weeks.Microblading helps to shorten your morning makeup routine(who doesn’t love hitting that snooze button?)and keeps your eyebrows in check all day, even during your sweatiest HIIT class. This is a treatment I would definitely do again!”

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